Basic Concept of Cloud Kitchen Cafe

  • a.) Franchisee can serve the food from their own home kitchen.
  • b.) Professional Training will make them perfect.
  • c.) We provide raw material to their doorstep by our new venture Thadiwala Retails.
  • d.) Centralize delivery make them fully comfortable.
  • e.) Centralize monitoring provide a advancement to their test and services.
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Basic Structure and work flow

  • a.) We receive an order from our third party applications or by our own mobile app(Under development)
  • b.) Order will be confirmed by our Franchisee partner(Only selected and well trained franchisee partner area wise)
  • c.) Delivery partners or our team of delivery will deliver to the destination

Brand support to our franchisees

  • a.) Professional training of all required segments.
  • b.) Raw material availability at their door step.
  • c.) Centralized monitoring system.
  • d.) Centralized delivery system.
  • e.) Commercial production and market support to the supplementary food products.
  • f.) Branding and promotion on various platform.
  • g.) Internal Competition or event for appreciation.
  • h.) Quality testing and vigilance for standard services.

What would be the Fund Flow?

Item Sale Rate 100% (Approx.)

Food cost (Raw material) 22%
Packaging cost 5%
Marketing Cost 12%
Delivery 23%
Royalty 10%
Franchisee Profit 25%


+91 96497-25465,
+91 74129-55595



Cafe: Thadiwala, Near Temple Board Office, Risala Chowk
Nathdwara, Rajsamand(Raj)